Removal of Bonding left teeth jagged and uneven

Oct 8, 2020
A dentist recently bonded 3 of my front teeth (teeth 23, 24, 25) even though I did not want this done. Long story short, during prior visits we had discussed possibly bonding these teeth, but he took it upon himself to bond the 3 teeth that day without first asking me. I had only asked him to bond one small crack in one tooth (tooth 23). I then had the bonding removed a week later and in doing so the teeth are now left jagged/uneven and teeth 23 and 24 are not slightly thiner. I don't know what to do and have been distraught over this.

My situation is complex as I also may be doing ortho/invisalign in the near future to fix a big overbite, and have bruxism and am seeing a sleep apnea dentist soon for that, and may have a oral apnea appliance made.

What would be the best next step? Do I seek out Ortho first before making any oral appliances since my teeth will shift anyways? Does it make any sense to see a good cosmetic dentist to see if my jagged/uneven/thinned out teeth can be fixed or is it best to wait for Ortho to do that as well? The teeth really bother me on a daily basis right now. They aren't sensitive or painful, its more just the uneven-ness of them and that my bite is now slightly off due to the thinner tooth.

Before the bonding:

After the bonding was removed:


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