Redness and swelling under the tongue/floor of the mouth. Is this something serious or go away on own?

Jun 3, 2021

I have Constant jaw pain under the ear and neck pain which is ongoing for an year now. Have seen multiple dentists, ent and oral surgeon. No definite diagnosis or relief yet.

This post is about the tongue issue. I have used a new mouth wash recently (for the last 4 days). That's the new thing I did in the last week. I am using the same brand Mouth wash for few months but this is a new bottle of that brand(bought online) which I started 4 days back.

I noticed some redness and swelling at the base of my tongue. It's red and looks mildly swollen.

It feels itchy and very sore. I run my tongue over that area and it feels like skin bruised feel.
Will this itchiness and redness with Swelling go away?

Is this normal or should I go to dentist immediately?
Nothing was spotted yesterday and this redness appeared this morning when I woke up.

Is this something serious? Will it go away on its own? Is it related to jaw and neck pain in anyway.

Attaching the pics. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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