Recurrent thrush centered around one tooth

Jul 20, 2021
Hi all,

See pic below, this has been a daily recurrence for 7months - 2 years or so now. Basically wake up to swaths of thrush that I have to wipe away each morning, and they regrow by the afternoon. My upper right furthest back molar has had a recurrent infection that spreads to other parts of the mouth. There is 6mm gum recession now on the molar, xrays look normal, no tooth pain or sensitivity to cold, just gum pain. I have tried 3 rounds of fluconazole (2weeks 100mg/day, hold in mouth + swallow) and 3 rounds of nystatin (2weeks, swish + swallow). The source seems to be this upper right, furthest back molar.

I've seen 6 different dentists, 2 different clinics over the last 2 years about 8 visits. A periodontist suggested gum grafting, and the dentist yesterday concurred. They think the recession is causing this area to be prone to infection, and he likened it to patching holes in a boat. I'm not opposed to a gum graft, but personally I think it makes more sense to clear the infection first rather than graft healthy tissue on top of an infected area. At this point I would rather just pull the tooth out and do a deep clean of any infected gum tissue.

I am scheduled for another visit a month from now, with instructions to use soft bristled brush + water pik (I have been water picking daily with 0.5% h2o2 + grapefruit seed extract as well as mouth rinsing with diluted mouthwash). I have also been working with a nutritionist / naturopath for over ten years, and fungal issues have been addressed numerous times. I'm hoping this tooth is the source of all my problems and can be resolved. The more 'work' I do on the tooth/mouth in general, the better my body feels overall so I'm hopeful this is making some progress.

I appreciate any input, especially on if gum graft or clearing the infection is more important. Or if any imaging (CT scan?) or deep cleaning would be an option.


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Jun 14, 2018
I agree that the gum graft should wait until the situation is resolved. Has a medical physician evaluated you for any medical condition(s)? I believe your immune system is compromised because you should not be having thrush regularly. Your medication(s) may also play a part. I recommend a good visit with your medical doctor to best manage your overall health and further discussions with your naturopath/nutritionist to enhance your diet and well-being.


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