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Discussion in 'Orthodontics' started by Ewo135, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Ewo135


    Dec 14, 2017
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    Hi everyone,

    So, sadly, like many people I stopped wearing my retainers for quite awhile after getting my braces off. I wore them for years, lost them, and finally found them again.

    I started noticing that my top front teeth were "clicking" and thinking something was extremely wrong I scheduled a dentist appointment to make sure everything was okay. In my fear of them falling out or being loose I finally located my own retainers. Cleaned them extremely well and tried to wear them, thinking something was better than nothing.

    I haven't had my braces for a least 12 years. The bottom retainers pretty much fit perfectly still because I have a permanent placement bar on the bottom. The tops were not fitting completely but, like I said, something had to be better than nothing. So I wore them and pain! teeth were so sore it was ridiculous but I was like they would be sore if they are moving!

    After the dentist appointment they said I shouldn't wear them anymore since the top ones weren't fitting right. But now after wearing them for awhile I definitely feel like my top teeth have shifted. It feels like my bite is off now, my jaw "clicks" sometimes when I yawn, and I can definitely tell one of my top teeth is moving sideways/back a bit. Mouth still looks good and you can't really tell/see anything. But I KNOW. I can feel it.

    My question is when I go to an orthodontist consult do you think it would be an easy fix where I could maybe just get invisilign and maybe just for the top? Or does it sound like there could be something worse going on? Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for all the information.
    Ewo135, Dec 14, 2017
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  2. Ewo135

    Lyle MacLeod

    Jan 22, 2018
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    United Kingdom
    I'm not a orthodontist but it's doesn't sound like there's something serious going on, maybe your jaw is just getting use to the recent change in alignment and your bite seems off because it's been so long since it was in the "right" position. This is something you really want to talk about with your orthodontist however.

    I'd imagine your teeth are in better shape than they were before getting braces so hopefully your treatment won't talk too long.
    Lyle MacLeod, Jan 28, 2018
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