question regarding removeable bridge

Jul 7, 2012
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Hello, I recently had a tooth removed, the tooth here that had a rooth canal on the xray.

I decided to have it pulled for long term health reasons.

I decided to have a removeable bridge that will latch on my last molar and premolar.

But my last molar has a small shallow composite filling and this will have to be shaved off a bit.

Since I want this to last very long I was thinking of replacing this filling with a cerec restoration then have the bridge made since this tooth is very important.

But I was wondering if I could effectively remineralize the dentin or make it go hard and glassy brown with good nutrition and simply have all the filling removed and keep the dentin exposed and have the bridge sit on that instead of a cerec restoration. I want no more problems down the road due to this filling getting old or leaking or whatever else then possibly compromising solidity of my bridge, filling is 2 year old and is fine, so either i have it removed, or have a cerec inlay made, i trust my hygiene more than i trust a composite filling. i have read a few studies where innovative dentists prefer to leave open non decaying cavities instead of filling it so bacteria doesnt get trapped in and no remineralization can take place since everything is covered up.

Is this viable to leave shallow dentin open and exposed or should I just have a cerec restoration for 1000$ then my bridge done ?

I'm the kind of person with irreprochable hygiene now, I never eat sweets and always clean my teeth after meals even while at work. havent had cavities for over 2 years

i heard dentin can remineralize with good nutrition like calcium, phorphorous, vitamin k2 supplements, gc tooth moose and fluoride rinse.




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