Question about poorly performed filling causing need for root canal

Sep 22, 2016
Hello! First time post, and need a bit of guidance before I pursue this any further.

First, a bit of history.

My wife used to go to a dentistry practice in our home town. Her doc retired and was replaced by a new dentist. Some time last year, this new dentist had performed some dental work on my wife, which included some fillings. A few days later, she experienced some pain in the tooth where there the filling was done, and upon informing the dentist he told her that the sensitivity is normal and to see how it feels in the next few days. She did say the pain eventually went away.

Fast forward a couple of months, she ended up going to a completely different dentist because she didn't have a good feeling about him, and I'm finding that the feeling was justified. Today, she noticed a hard bump on the outer gum right above one of the teeth that received the filling. The new dentist told my wife that whoever did the filling did a really poor job - the filling will filled incorrectly, and he had apparently gone too deep, taking too much tooth. As a result, the nerve died in the and she now has to get a root canal.

My question is, does any liability fall on the dentist that performed the original filling? It appears his incompetency is why shes not in the boats shes in now Our new dentist stated that she is certain the dead nerve was caused by the poor filling work. A root canal isn't cheap, especially since she'll have to get a crown as well.

I understand any info anyone here is able to provide comes without warranty and by no means is official legal advise, but I just wanted to see if there was any possibility of patient protections before I really dig into tackling this. We live in Pennsylvania, if that is helpful.


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