Question about brushing around gum graft site

Apr 22, 2022
Hey so I'm a little worried I may have been confused about post op care after gum graft surgery around 1 tooth. They told me not to brush that 1 tooth so I didn't. Two weeks after the surgery was my first check up at the periodontist to see how its healing and removing stitches, the periodontist assistant did the appointment and I forgot to ask if I could go back to brushing the tooth, so I called the office when I got home to ask and the assistant said no still not to brush that tooth. So the next check of the site was 3 weeks, making 5 weeks in total that I did not brush the tooth that just got the gum graft, I have advanced periodontal disease and that seems like a really long time to neglect a tooth when my oral heal is already so poor. The assistant said there was alot of plaque build up at the gum line of that tooth which im sure there was, its just the way she said it was like she was surprised to see it when it was her that told me not to brush it in the first place. So I'm wondering if I misunderstood her instructions or did she instruct me wrong not to brush for over a month? Any one here went so long without brushing around graft site as per instructions from periodontist? Is this not too uncommon? Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for wall of text


Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
I would call the office. It is very important to keep it clean but extra important not to traumatize the surgical site. Make sure they go over all the details.


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