Prolonging a bone graft after extraction.

Nov 26, 2014
I have 2 separate issues with my teeth that I need worked on and only have enough money (right now) to get 1 situation done at a time. My 1st issue is a periodontal issue. I have serious bone loss behind my front bottom teeth and need a bone graft to build it up to prevent my teeth from falling out. This, considering its my front teeth is the highest priority. The other issue I have is regarding tooth #30. I had a root canal many yrs ago that "failed". I have 2 roots that seem to have an absess or infection below (wont know exactly until they go in there- theres no pain what so ever) and is very close to the jaw nerve (1 is large, the other isn't as big). My oral surgeon told me that in order for me to eventually have an implant I need to have a bone graft done at the time of extraction (note- apicoectomy is not an option since its too close to the jaw nerve). My question is would it be possible to have the extraction, clean out the socket and leave it as is for a year or 2 (after my front teeth are fixed) and then have the bone graft? Would the fact that I have bone loss already from the infection cause further damage and less chance for an implant later? Would the shifting from pulling the tooth out affect the grafting for the front teeth?


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