Problems at the root of crown [X-Ray] - need a dentist advice

Nov 4, 2020
Dear dentists of this community,

My dentist installed a crown (PFZ) on my 3-6 tooth. I do not know if this is improtant info for my question, but crown was quite high at first so it needed to be lowered about a week after instalment. The top of the crown needed to be honed. I had a feeling that not the best material was used - because if I compared it with my older crown (installed 12 years ago on 4-6) porcelain had no translucent properties and it felt very opaque.

Anyway this week, which is about a month after installment, another medical center did some orthopan X-ray regarding some unrealted issues and they informed me, that there is something wrong at the root of the crown and that it would be impossible to fix it without removing the crown and if I do not attend to this problem - tooth decay will occur and eventually tooth will break. They suggested I should talk to the original dentist first, since it is only a month from installment.

What do you think I should do? Thank you for your expert opinion.


Best regards


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