Problems after wearing retainer/gum shield at night - help!

May 6, 2021
Any thoughts or advice please. Was strongly advised by my dentist a number of years ago to wear a retainer/gum shield at night as I was gringing my teeth badly and causing damage. Wore through a soft one (lower) within 12 months and was then given a harder one (upper). Noticed at start of lockdown issues with bite (top and bottom not meeting but back (wisdom) teeth grinding. Eventually went to see dentist (delayed 12 months by covid - which has made the problem worse!). Turns out retainer doesn't go right to back wisdom teeth (to avoid gagging issues) and so by biting down on retainer in my sleep, have managed to move my teeth - hence the gap when not wearing it. Dentist a bit flummaxed what to do. Currently not wearing in the hope that teeth will regain shape and reviewing in 3 months. Meantime, back to grinding and damaging my teeth. Hope is that once shape regained, can then try a full length retiner to also cover wback wisdom teeth. Anybody else experienced this/got solution?


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