Problems after occlusal adjustment

Nov 29, 2015
About 3 years ago, the dentist I was working for decided to do a complete occlusal adjustment on me to "make my bite better". I was completely asymptomatic at this time. I did not realize there was any risk with this procedure and let her do it. She adjusted almost all my teeth and took down at least 1mm of enamel on some of my molars. I noticed right away the next day that my front teeth ached and I felt like I had a lisp. I couldn't talk right at all and I couldn't find a comfortable place to bite. Her solution was to keep grinding my teeth. Eventually I stopped seeing her and suffered for a few years with the pain. My front teeth constantly ache. They hit when I talk and I am developing black triangle between my front teeth. I have tried to get several opinions and I eventually went through ortho again but it made things much worse. I am feeling very hopeless and want this nightmare to end. Does anyone have any experience with this or advice?


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