Prices for services at White Cap Institute in Heber City, UT.

May 16, 2018
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This is a school that instructs licensed dentists on implant technology and they have workshops where they use patients. They will not give me ANY price info at all, not even a range. I live in CA. where they do have lower priced dentists (around $1500) but because I may need up to 9 tooth implants it adds up (the dentist says that I need ancillary services that could push the final price to 20K) and I do not want to go to a dental school with unlicensed dentists, but am concerned that White Cap may be just half the price of expensive dentists, than it would be the same price as what I would pay the regular dentist nearby. I can only find a few reviews of the place on google reviews from their students (which talk about all the recreational fun they have at the school almost more than the courses) and I think only one from a patient that does not mention ANY prices at all, and some on facebook from again, students only. If someone has been a patient there, can you please tell me what you paid for what services you received and am wondering if patients signed a confidentially agreement, that under the penalty of death, they can not reveal their prices. :D or a student there and knows what the patients paid for what kind of service please post, thank you.


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