Precious vs. Non-Precious Metal Crowns

Mar 7, 2019
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Ok, so I've been in a nightmare trying to get a rear molar dealt with and after finally finding a credible dentist I've been given two viable options. 1) Fill the tooth and take my chances it won't crack in a way that results in root canal or loss of tooth. 2) Crown it now with a metal crown with the understanding that, due to some fissures already in the tooth, there is no guarantee it won't still crack at some point down the road. I'm leaning toward crown. However, due to the "coverage" I have I am not offered the option of "noble" metal. I have to either choose from high noble (precious - gold 64%) or base (non-precious alloy). There is a big difference between them in price - about $300. Now, normally I would pay the extra if I thought the tooth would last the remainder of my life, say another 25 years give or take. BUT....the dentist is sort of guiding that it may be wise to consider saving that extra money because the tooth may not make even half that long without needing more work, there's simply no predicting.

Here's the question: Is non-precious / base metal usually safe from a health perspective?? Anybody have any thoughts to share on what might be the wiser overall choice between high-noble precious and base non-precious metal types?




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