Possible Dental Explanation for Lymph Node Swelling???

Apr 29, 2012
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I know this is long but obviously details are important in these cases.

I have some symptoms that have been making me nervous and am looking for input.

First off let me tell you about myself, I’m in college and I have made some regrettable decisions but I am clean on all levels now and have been for almost a year. (no smoking, chewing, drugs, or anything like that). I smoked briefly for about 3 months and quit immediately. Then I did chewing tobacco for nearly two years (around once a day). After a friend got mouth cancer I quit all tobacco entirely (a year ago). I drink occasionally but not more then anyone else. My family does have a history of cancer and I have no remaining grandparents as a result.

About a month ago a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck got large and painful. About the same time I suffered from extreme exhaustion, itchiness, and night sweats. Upon some googling I became concerned I might have lymphoma. I went to the doctor, she did a blood test that came back normal, so she prescribed amoxicillin antibiotics. The lymph node returned back to normal in less then a week and I felt like new again.

Until a few days ago (it’s been a month since last time) I noticed the exact same lymph node is swollen. This time it does not hurt much but is a bit tender. I have no night sweats, no itchiness, and no fatigue. My doctor said since the antibiotics worked last time, this may all be due to some sort of infection my body failed to fight off last time. He suggested that the lymph node that was swelling is a filter for the bottom of the mouth. Immediately I became concerned about a possible mouth cancer situation for my chewing days. The doctor ended up prescribing more amoxicillin for a longer period. When I got home I examined my mouth as best I could and found a tiny tiny bump in my lower lip. It’s so small that I can feel it with my tounge, but it is very, very hard to see. Upon MORE GOOGLING I figured out this may just be a mucocele, or could it be a tumor? Could I have a cavity? Gingivitis? I am so lost in what could cause this. Even if the antibiotics work, I still want to know what the heck is going so this doesn’t keep recurring.

Should I see another doctor? An ENT? A dentist? Does anyone know what would cause this? I don’t think it’s cancer because if it was, the antibiotics wouldn’t have worked last time would they? What kind of infection above the shoulders could cause these symptoms?

Any experiences, input, advice, or knowledge is GREATLY appreciated. I think if I’m more educated on the topic, then I will be able to ask better questions when I see the doctor again next week.
 If people think it's a good idea, I may go see a dentist and/or an ENT also.


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