Please Help Solve My Throbbing Gums Mystery

Discussion in 'Patient Forum' started by kingolympics, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. kingolympics


    Mar 9, 2014
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    Please can someone help me...

    I have had a horrible throbbing sensation in my gums below my bottom front teeth. My dentist has xrayed and looked at them but couldn't work it out.

    He gave me anti-biotics in case it was an infection but they didn't work. He also said it could be from trauma to my mouth earlier in my life.

    So now they didn't work, he said they may need to come out! I'm only 28 and the teeth look fine so this would be awful!

    What else could it be? I have moved to a cold country 3 years ago so perhaps the winter cold could be causing it? I was fine the first few winters though...

    Please can someone help me, this'd is driving me mad!
    kingolympics, Mar 9, 2014
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  2. kingolympics


    Feb 24, 2014
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    Beverly Hills, California
    I would like to suggest you,
    approach with another concern dentists to get proper care and treatments for your teeth and gums
    stevengoldy, Mar 11, 2014
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