Please help, severe pain and numbness

Mar 7, 2013
I had the start of root canal treatment in my bottom 3rd molar last wednesday. Had all the tooth drilled and the pulp and everything removed. Then it was filled in with temporary filling.
Late friday night I woke up in so much pain I had to see an emergency doctor. Also my lip and chin had started to go numb. I was prescribed Co-codamol (30mg/500mg) and Naproxen.
Late saturday night I was up again with the pain. Painkillers were't helping so I saw another emergency doctor. Was prescribed carbamazapine and amoxicillin.
Saw my dentist on monday and he showed me my x-rays. The roots are very deep into the nerve canal. He can't see any infection but wants me to finish my anti-biotics anyway. I'd be quite happy for him to extract the tooth but he seems to think it will be worse if he removes it. I can't carry on with this pain. And all these meds are making me extremely tired and giving me double vision. I can't work. I'm also on metronidazole and vitamin B complex.
I've had root canal treatment on an upper molar before and never experienced anything like this. The pain is excruciating and I don't know what to do. Please help :(


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