Permanent tooth doesn't seem to be coming out, help?

Mar 27, 2015
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Hey, I'm 15 and for what seems to have been the past year (2 at max), my first premolar seems to be a bit... broken.

I had the tooth patched up with a filling god knows how long ago and almost 2 years ago the tooth started to come out. I thought at first it was going to be the whole tooth but at first 1/4 fell out, then another 1/4 maybe a month after that, and then what seems to have been 1/6 few months after that. During the process the tooth would hurt when it came in contact with cold fluids in the morning (such as milk) but now it doesn't hurt at all. Once in a blue moon it hurts when it's in contact with cold milk in the morning but other times it doesn't hurt at all.

What's remaining now is a bit of the tooth and a bit of the filling which seems to be the black spot. In comparison to my other teeth, in vertical length it's about an 1/8th or 1/6th in size, and in diameter it takes up almost 3/4 of the what I'll call designated tooth area.

I have attached an image.

All my other teeth are perfectly fine, they used to be yellowish and I just had some minor cleaning+filling done to both my third and fourth molars on both sides of the mouth (lower). But I started brushing them and they are starting to look nicer.
None of my teeth are crooked, some at the front are a tad tighter than the rest while others are a tad wider apart than the rest but it's nothing that is causing a problem.

I'm really worried about this because although I have no fear of needles or anything like that I feel that it may be complicated removing the teeth due to it's size and it the process of getting an implant, or the tooth removed would be long and annoying and a bit painful.

I'd love to hear from someone who has or had the similar issue and what happened to them.
I also have an orthodontist appointment booked as recommend by my dentist (who's quite frankly a crappy dentist (getting the fillings hurt and he tried his hardest not to appear sympathetic)






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Sep 26, 2014
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You can get a radiograph of that tooth to check, if a post and core restoration can be done. This can save you from going for an extraction and an implant.

Keep smiling...

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