Periodontist or 2 weeks post extraction complication

Mar 3, 2017
I had a very difficult extraction of #3 done two weeks ago yesterday. The canals and bone was crumbling as soon as my Oral Surgeon began the surgery. He literally had tiny bone fragments and particles of broken teeth to get out plus the tooth itself, along with suctioning out a massive infection. A 45 minutes procedure took 3 hours.

Any who, I had a recheck 7 days later. All was well. Except for some sensitivity to the adjacent teeth which my Oral Surgeon said was normal. I was told this would get better each day. He was right because by the 10 day, I will pain free. Three days of no pain. I was loving life.

I then called a Periodontist because I wanted to see if I could talk to him about my receding gums. There was a cancelation yesterday. Which is day 14 since the extraction. The Periodontist examined my gums. Poking and prodding which didn't hurt at the time. Then he talk to me about what was going on. Much to my surprise it wasn't bad news. By the time he was done showing me a short 3 minute video, I began to feel pain around the extraction site, the adjacent teeth and the gums. Plus my cheek was beginning to feel sore. Today, exactly 24 hours after going to the Periodontist, I am still feeling pain. Why am I am feeling this pain? Is there something that has gone wrong with the extraction that I should be concerned with at this point?


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