Periodontal ligament irritation...can it heal?

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by Patrick Maloney, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Note: Before you respond 'SEE YOUR DENTIST!', I week.

    I guess my simple question is this: Can you bite down so hard on
    something as to stretch or otherwise injure the ligament in a manner
    where it will heal on its own?

    Monday before Thanksgiving, bit down hard on unpopped popcorn kernel.
    Worst pain I ever felt for like two minutes. After that, seemed fine.

    Next night, I was chewing something tough and had pressure sensitivity.
    By biting down on my toothbrush handle, I determined it was the third
    tooth from the back on the right on the bottom (it's the second tooth
    now, since I don't have the wisdom tooth there).

    It was managable in that only hard biting cause the problem and it wasn't
    painful, just a strange sensation. I already had a cleaning scheduled
    for 12/6, so I decided to wait.

    At the cleaning my dentist mentioned it could be ligament/tissue damage
    and, since the irritation was relatively minor, to sit on it for a couple
    of weeks to see if it healed. He noted the tooth had several cracks,
    craze and otherwise.

    Now, it did get better until I bit down hard again using my toothbrush to
    test the situation. That was a step backward. Layed off for a while, it
    got better again.

    At this point, chewing tough items on that side was starting to produce a
    persistent low-level soreness. At some point, I would have to let off a
    little when chewing -- this is when I decided to make the next

    About 10 days prior to the visit, a 'bite test' with the toothbrush
    produced *no* immediate sensitivity. However, I must have done some
    damage, because irritation returned over the next day.

    On 1/12/2006, I was back at my dentist. He drilled out the existing
    filling, found that there was decay under it, cleaned it out, sealed the
    cracks, etc.

    Get home and, after the anesthetic wore off, found that the pressure
    sensitivity situation was unaffected.

    At this point now, the sensitity only occurs when I put pressure on the
    rear of the tooth and not the front which would be consistent with the
    point where I believe I bit the kernel. In other words, if I put the
    toothbrush handle flat on the center of the tooth, there is only a little
    sensitivity. If I turn it on its side and lay it on the front of the
    tooth, there is virtually nothing. This way on the rear, yep,

    From now on, I'm not chewing on that side and doing no more of my bite
    tests as, from what I've read, if portions of that area continue to be
    irritated, they will never heal after some point. I wish I had known
    this when it happened because I would have babied the area from day one.

    Thanks, Patrick

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    Patrick Maloney, Jan 14, 2006
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