Partial or dentures?

Jan 25, 2020
I'm 73 and my teeth have always been in good condition. I have had many bad experiences with dentists so regular visits have not been done.

Last May, I had a gum abscess and went to my husband's dentist. He's a good dentist and seems gentle...which means a lot to me. I was told I have 2 upper back teeth on the right that are loose due to bone loss so implants are not an option. He suggested a partial. I also have periodontal disease and he wants to scrap my gums and root plane. I can't tell you how traumatic this all sounds to me! I did not get the teeth pulled and now I have another infection in my gum where those teeth need to come out. Alongside those teeth I have a tooth that has the whole back missing. It was filled 20+ years ago and it broke off and it's close to the gum. The front of that tooth is fractured. My front tooth on the same side is nothing but filling. It's been ground down so much over the years that a filling is almost impossible to stay on. I didn't get a crown on that tooth because of the cost.

Basically, my upper teeth are starting to fall apart. I have fractured teeth on the left side that will probably break in time.

I will be seeing him next week to get antibiotics for the infection and talk to him about options when I get the 2 back teeth removed. I'm looking for any additional input. Thanks



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
You shouldn't get antibiotics unless you have a severe and spreading infection. Talk to the dentist about the state of your teeth, the options available, then make a move to sorting it all out.

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