Pain on One of the Bridged Teeth

Apr 22, 2017
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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. Hopefully, someone can give a possible issue to my wife tooth and let us know whether our dentist advice makes sense.

In the last few days, my wife is feeling pain on of the bridged teeth. She've had the bridge for 15 years. She thinks that the bridge crown on the tooth is coming loose. It makes sense as a bridge is basically 2 crowned teeth next to empty space.

So, she made an appointment to a new primary care dentist. The dentist believes that it is not her bridge but the tooth's nerve due to the shifting (??). She then refers her to an Endodontist. She claims that the endodontist will perform a root canal on the tooth through the crown (i.e. bridge). My wife asked the dentist if she is having an infection on the tooth, but the dentist said 'no'.

There are so many questions in our mind:
  • Why would she need a root canal on a non-infected tooth.
  • Isn't odd to perform a root canal where a dentist would drill through a crown (i.e. the bridge)?
  • Would the procedure damage the bridge?
  • How would the endodontist seal the bridge to prevent future infections?
Please let me know if this is the new procedure to take care a crowned tooth.



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