Pain my dentist can't figure out

Jan 29, 2016
This started when I had two fillings done on the lower left side--(teeth 18 and 20). They weren't bothering me before the fillings, but after I have had a constant ache that ranges from a dull ache to throbbing pain on that whole side of my mouth. It is hard to pinpoint exactly where.

Tylenol takes the pain away, but it returns once the medication wears off, so I am taking Tylenol every 5-6 hours for pain.

I went back to the dentist once already. He examined the teeth and adjusted the bite; he also redid one of the fillings. He tapped on the teeth and I didn't feel extreme pain from the tapping, so he said it didn't seem like a nerve issue. He did say the fillings were pretty deep, and that if a high bite was the issue the ligament could be sore for a few more days.

Everything was seeming better for about 24 hours. I went all day yesterday, from 8am to 6pm, without having to take Tylenol. Then the pain returned.

I am worried because I am still in constant pain, unless I take Tylenol. I have another appointment to go back in a couple of days. The dentist won't do X-rays because I'm pregnant, although my OB has said it would be fine as long as I am double-shielded. Should I insist on X-rays to determine if there is a problem? Or should I tough it out and just wait for the pain to go away. I'm so confused, in a lot of pain, and frustrated that my dentist doesn't seem concerned.


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