Pain in tooth roots after a temporary bridge?

Apr 3, 2012
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I had Invisalign for 2 years and it corrected a lot of issues with my teeth, closed gaps and fixed the problem with all of my top and bottom teeth slanting too far inward (which was causing me to bite my jaw frequently when talking and chewing). I was congenitally missing upper lateral incisors. I had been to an orthodontist who insisted that I needed a $50K surgery from his dental school buddy that he was trying to refer me to. I declined and went to a general dentist/implant dentist/cosmetic dentist. He is one of the best and well known in my city. My underbite wasn't that bad. So I had Invisalign for the 2 years and we basically moved the upper front teeth as close to the front of the gum as safely possible without causing any problems, and it was successful. After the 2 years of Invisalign, my dentist and I decided on a 6-unit fixed bridge. I was not a candidate for implants because the roots are basically in the way from the neighboring teeth on either side of the space that had grown into that spot and had to be moved back by the Invisalign.

About 8 days ago, I had teeth 6, 8, 9 and 11 ground down, impressions taken, etc. to prepare for the bridge. My dentist made a temporary bridge within the same hour. I was told to not wear my top Invisalign tray and to only wear the bottom one, because the temporary bridge for the top would keep the teeth from moving back. I required something like a total of 9 or 10 shots total throughout the procedure, because I have really sensitive teeth for an unknown reason. One tooth in particular just wouldn't seem to numb all the way (tooth 6). I ended up going back to the dentist within a few days after that. I was having massive pain and basically all of the ground down teeth were hurting and my gums were burning as if I had an infection. Eating or drinking anything cold and sometimes slightly cooler than lukewarm water made my ground down teeth really sensitive, even though they were covered by the temp bridge. My bottom teeth also hurt from back to front on both sides, and it seems to be particularly when I wear the same Invisalign tray that I have been wearing for several weeks with no problem.

When I went to my dentist about the pain after getting the teeth ground down, no infection was found. He saw nothing wrong. He removed the bridge, applied desensitizing gel and something else to the teeth and then reshaped and refitted the bridge and made a point that he was "sealing every possible opening". He gave me a prescription for 800mg Ibuprofen and that actually does help within an hour or two after taking it. But I seem to need it daily. It stops hurting until usually the next day, then either in the morning or afternoon of the next day, they are throbbing on the top and/or bottom. Are my teeth trying to move back on the top and hitting the bridge, causing the pain? But what about the bottom ones that we haven't touched at all and nothing has changed in weeks? My dentist couldn't tell me for sure why I was having pain. Even sitting in the dentist chair, as I told them (with my face numb up to my sinuses after having about 5 shots to remove the bridge and having put it back on for the second time with desensitizing)...I couldn't feel my upper lips and face. But the inside of my teeth...what felt like the roots, were killing me. This was after the desensitizing stuff and while I WAS numb seemingly everywhere but in the roots of the teeth.

What is going on? Why are these teeth hurting? I'm puzzled about my bottom teeth. They hurt when I have my Invisalign tray in - and I have worn it religiously for like 4 weeks now and have continued it even after the temp bridge on top. Those bottom teeth can't be moving. There's no bleeding of the gums, etc. They look healthy. I can't stay on meds every day, but this is so puzzling. When I get my permanent bridge, I'm worried that I might still have pain and that can't be removed unless I buy a new bridge.
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