Pain in rct tooth after 2 weeks. Crown not done yet.

Feb 11, 2019
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I have severe burning pain in lower jaw under ear and side of the neck. My dentist told me that it could be from the crack or fracture in the lower first molar. I did a root canal on that tooth 14 days back. Endo said he couldn't see any tooth root fracture and did root canal.

Even after the root canal, I still have the same symptoms. The dentist is not sure why I still have the same symptoms. He wants me to check again with Endo or any jaw specialist before ordering for core buildup and crown. I didn't do that yet.

I have pain on the rct tooth today. It was like sore pain in the tooth and the gum area. I am not chewing at all that side. Using opposite side only.

I am not brushing that tooth with electric brush too. I use electric brush for other teeth. I used soft bristle brush or sometimes hands to clean that tooth. Since it has temporary filling, I am just babying that tooth.
Is it normal to have pain after 2 weeks? I didn't try biting or chewing on that side. Always try to keep upper and lower teeth separate and not hit each other.

Is this pain normal after 2 weeks? My dentist don't want to do crown until I get another confirmation from Endo that no tooth root fracture is present.
Is it possible that Endo might not tooth root fracture during rct procedure?

Anything happened like that for anyone here?


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