Pain in high gum after Retreated root canal and new crown

Discussion in 'Endodontics' started by Sarab23, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Sarab23


    Apr 15, 2018
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    hi there,

    I had a root canal done 9 years ago which caused an abscess about 6 months ago. This abscess was the cause of my crown being too big, allowing bacteria to get inside.

    Back in November, I went to an endodontist to do a retreatment of the root canal. Fast forward 3 months, I received my new crown. This crown has been on my tooth for about a month and I can all the sudden feel pressure in my tooth and when I run my finger along the gum, I can pinpoint a pain that is above that same tooth.

    I am hoping someone can help me on here before I go back to the dentist.

    Many thanks- sarab
    Sarab23, Apr 15, 2018
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  2. Sarab23


    Dec 6, 2017
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    It can take time for roots to settle and you've had a new crown too. So a lot of disruption. You need to go back to the dentist if you are in pain. Perhaps the crown is too high or maybe you need more antibiotics.
    Busybee, Apr 15, 2018
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  3. Sarab23

    MattKW Verified Dentist

    Mar 18, 2018
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    Antibiotics should not be required, and should not be taken as substitute for an examination except in emergency. Go back to the endodontist - my most likely suggestion is a failure of the retreatment, or a vertical crack in the tooth.
    MattKW, Apr 16, 2018
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