pain after temporary crown - worsened by mouth guard?

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by RAGehani, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. RAGehani

    RAGehani Guest

    I had a silver filling done in my L19 molar approximately 10 years ago
    (I am 25 years old currently). Sometime over the course of this past
    year, the silver filling cracked and caused part of my tooth to chip.
    As a result, my dentist did a fill in, watched the tooth for two
    months, and then prepped for a crown (he said that a root canal was
    not neccessary at this time). I was advised I would need to wait
    approximately 8-10 days while the lab prepared my permanent crown. In
    the meantime I have my temporary crown. When I went back in after the
    allotted wait period and the permanent crown was placed in, I was
    advised by the dentist that it did not fit correctly and another set
    of impressions would need to be taken. After the impression was done
    and the measurements sent back to the lab, the temporary crown I was
    given was placed back in and I was told to return in three weeks. And
    that is where I am currently - awaiting my appointment for my
    permanent crown to be placed in. The problem is however I am currently
    experiencing pain after sleeping on that side of the mouth. I sleep on
    my stomach and during sleep if I end up somehow shifting towards that
    side, I wake up in the morning with a dull throbbing pain to the left
    side of my mouth and/or ear ache (i have had problems with the ear
    ache in the past - and I have never been able to get a clear answer
    from my doctor or my dentist). The throbbing pain however is new and
    has never happened before. The pain usually subsides after a few
    hours. I also dont know if the ear ache is due to the temporary crown
    or another problem. I thought that perhaps my night time grinding was
    causing the problem and purchased one of those night time mouth guards
    to help with the problem. After fitting the mouth guard according to
    the directions and wearing it for approximately 5 minutes in bed, I
    decided to take it out becuase it increased the pain I was filling to
    the left side of my mouth. Currently I am in a state of awful
    discomfort and have taken some NSAIDS to help relieve the pain and
    help me sleep through the night.

    I am aware that a temporary crown does not fit 100% properly and am
    hopeful that the pain will not return once my permanent crown is
    placed in. However is this pain during the night normal while the
    temporary crown is in. Also, did I worsen my state by attempting to
    use the mouth guard? Also, is it standard to have to wait 3 weeks for
    the permanent crown given that the first one did not fit - could the
    doctor have placed some type of rushed order? Would I be wasting my
    efforts in calling the dentist to request that the permanent crown be
    placed earlier? Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated. I
    would call my dentist however he is on vacation this week.
    RAGehani, Jun 11, 2007
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  2. RAGehani

    Dartos Guest

    The dentist should have said (and may have<G>), "You *may* not
    need a root canal". 'Borderline' teeth can change on any given
    day and alter the outlook. The pain that you are describing makes
    me wonder if one might not be needed now.

    Better to get it done before the permanent crown is cemented than
    after. Teeth with temporary crowns can be more sensitive than
    teeth after the permanent cementation, but real aching, throbbing
    pain is a bad sign.


    Dartos, Jun 11, 2007
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