Pain after root canal - please help

Feb 14, 2019
I have severe periodontal disease with bone loss. About 6 weeks ago I developed severe pain in an upper molar, went to the dentist who took an x-ray - he couldn't see anything pathological on the image but said because you're having pain, do a root canal. He did a partial root canal and the pain persisted. Went back 2 weeks later and this time he said to go and have the root canal fully done at the endodontist. I went to the endodontist that day - and he did the root canal. 2 days ago I had the permanent filling done. It was a titanium/amalgam filling. That day there was no pain or discomfort. Yesterday I started to feel pain in the tooth. It's a low-grade ache in the tooth - I called the endodontist and asked if there was anything on the x-ray left from the tooth - he said no. I am waiting for them to send me the image so I can post here.

I am very sad at this whole situation. I am missing teeth, wanted to get my life on track and start dealing with my dental situation fully. I don't know what happened here - could it be a bone infection? Could it be a nerve that's been injured? I am concerned because there is not a lot of the tooth left after the drilling - and the ones adjacent to it also aren't in great shape. Dentist number one wanted me to do the root canal just to stop the pain - but the pain is still there now - albeit less but it is still there. Now what do I do?


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