Orthodontics before or after implants

Jul 1, 2022
I developed an abcess in my front teeth many years ago that required an apicetomy. After two failed apicetomies I am now at a stage where I am about to have dental implants. I would like orthodontic treatment to straighten my teeth (mainly bottom). I have conflicting advice, I have been told orthodontic treatment should be preformed prior to the implant, however I have had numerous consultations with orthodontist who state it isn’t safe to touch the top teeth with the current infection. My hope was to just have brace work on the bottom teeth as the top ones are straight and have implants at top, again I am having conflicting advice as some say you must move both top and bottom teeth together? Any advice please help
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Dr M

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May 31, 2019
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Often a bottom malocclusion is caused by a combination of lower and top jaw discrepancies. This is why it is only in rare cases where bottom teeth are treated in isolation.
It is definitely best to do implants after ortho. If the orthodontist is worried about the infection in the front, it might be best to consider alternatives, such as removing the front teeth, and having a removable partial made to replace the teeth, while the infection clears up, and then continue with ortho treatment?
It is best to discuss this with your orthodontist.


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