Order of dental care. Teeth Extractions or Fillings?

May 16, 2017
After nearly 15 years of dealing with tooth pain and horrible teeth, I finally got the nerve to go see a dentist. For the most part I am happy with my dentist but I would like to here other opinions on my dental care plan.

After my initial visit and x-rays I was given a dental plan. I was dealing with some extreme pain on the right side of my mouth from severally decayed teeth. Because of the pain I came back three days later and had three teeth removed. The next step in my dental plan is to have a deep cleaning performed. It's broken into two visits my first will be on May 26th. My question mainly comes after the deep cleaning. I have the following steps on my treatment plan.

1. Root Canal of tooth 3.
2. Surgical Extractions of teeth 18,16,12, and 9(All of these teeth are broken at various stages. Tooth 18 sometimes cause me discomfort but nothing major.)
3. Filling in teeth 1,2,4,6,13,14,15,17.

The dentist has the surgical extractions first on my treatment plan, she wants to remove all the dead and painful teeth first.
My insurance has a $2000 Annual Maximum, I can't afford dental care after the maximum runs out, because of this I will not be able to finish my treatment plan until next year.

I am wondering what's more important, getting fillings or having the surgical extractions. I would assume the fillings would be more important. If I get the extractions done then I will not be able to get the fillings until 2018. I am worried if I go 6 months without the fillings I might end up needing more root canals.

My current idea is to get the deep cleaning this year, all of my filling and extraction of tooth 18. I would then get the rest of the bad teeth extracted in 2018 along with the root canal/crown and maybe a partial denture in 2019. Does this seem like a good plan.



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