Opinions requested: Hyrax/Invisalign to treat crossbite

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by Don Karnage, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Don Karnage

    Don Karnage Guest

    Hey everyone
    I was wondering if I could get some opinions from a few of the orthodontists
    here. This seems like the only place where I can be guaranteed to get a
    neutral and objective opinion.. Anyway, I have been contemplating dental
    treatment for a while but wasn't sure what my best option was. I think I
    have a slight crossbite and some mild crowding on my bottom teeth...maybe a
    little underbite too. I'd like to add that my dentist has never suggested
    orthodontic treatment in any my cleaning visits and that it's actually my
    parents that are encouraging it. This being the case, I really have no idea
    how severe or minor my case is, or if it's even necessary.

    I have been to two orthodontists recently - the first being a doctor who
    claims to have completed more invisalign treatments than any other doctors
    in the country. Everything about his practice seemed highly unprofessional
    from a medical standpoint (including his marketing gimmicks that started off
    with a 10 min. invisalign promotional video), so I left without any
    intention of pursuing it further. The second one that I visited today
    seemed much more promising, but I still wanted to get a second opinion just
    in case! It's amazing what one bad apple can do to your faith in the field.
    I'll do my best to transcribe the treatment and the cost that's written on
    the contract, so can someone please tell me if it sounds reasonable?

    Prelim ortho diag: TMJ.WNL/ [illegible] L2 li. .g. . .x Bite / Cl III edge
    to edge bite

    Prelim ortho treatment plan: Hyrax/Invisalign

    Fee schedule (2 Parts)

    Partial Treatment (I'm guessing Hyrax)
    Diag records: $275
    Appliance placement: $450
    Treatment subtotal: $725

    Full Treatment (I'm guessing Invisalign)
    Diag records: $1400+
    Initial banding: $1850+
    Monthly fee: quarterly visits at $500/Q --> $3000 total
    Treatment subtotal: $6350

    Total: a little more than $7000

    As far as I know at this point, the invisalign treatment will begin after
    the 4 month hyrax treatment. Is there anything else I should ask him/her
    before I go ahead with this? I'm not even sure how much or if my insurance
    will cover this. Do you think the cost is reasonable? Thanks in advance for
    any help!


    Yuto S.
    Don Karnage, Feb 27, 2005
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  2. Don Karnage


    I am a general dentist. I do not provide orthodontic treatment, but I
    know a thing or two.

    1. the fees are reasonable for Boston, Ma. Fees can vary dramatically
    depending on location and provider.

    2. Invisalign treatment does not include "initial banding". That
    would be the application of the orthodontic brackets that you are
    trying to avoid by having the more expensive Invialign treatment. I
    think that there may be a semantics problem or a misunderstanding of
    another sort.

    Did your dentist or orthodontist discuss the advisability of surgical
    treatment after the orthodontic treatment for your Class III occlusion?

    Call your insurance company to find out what they cover. If you get an
    answer you like, write down the name of the person who gave you the
    info, the date and time of the call. The information may already exist
    in writing in your insurance brouchure.

    David Leader, DMD
    Malden, ma.
    , Feb 27, 2005
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  3. On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 00:40:10 -0500, "Don Karnage"
    <> wrote:

    Yes but how does he compare to the doctors who practice in the city.?
    Joel M. Eichen, Feb 27, 2005
  4. Don Karnage

    W_B Guest

    Fargin' Orthos' Was: Opinions requested: Hyrax/Invisalign to treat crossbite

    On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 00:40:10 -0500, "Don Karnage"
    <> wrote:

    Well, the $wire benders$ are taught that they are kewl.
    Nothing could be further than the truth.

    Sorry Orthos, don't have much compassion for your
    self aggrandizement.

    BTW did yer wire bender stuff for 5+ yrs in a clinic.
    Bored the hell out of me.

    Dat's why WB leaned toward endo.


    Take out the G'RBAGE
    W_B, Feb 27, 2005
  5. Re: Fargin' Orthos' Was: Opinions requested: Hyrax/Invisalign totreat crossbite

    W_B wrote:
    I think Dan and Charlie missed that course.


    Cut the nonsense to reply
    Steven Bornfeld, Feb 27, 2005
  6. Thanks for a quick reply. I'm surprised you figured out I was in Boston.
    Is the "initial banding" the same thing as the Hyrax that's written on my
    treatment plan? All I remember my orthodontist telling me is that he/she
    didn't want to cut any corners by going straight to invisalign, so that a
    preceding 4-month Hyrax treatment would be the preferred treatment plan. I
    guess I'm not too familiar with the procedure to be a 100% sure. By the
    way, I wasn't told anything about options involving surgical treatment.
    Once again, thanks for your help.

    -Yuto S.

    <> wrote in message
    Yuto Shinagawa, Feb 27, 2005
  7. On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 12:02:28 -0500, "Yuto Shinagawa"
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    Joel M. Eichen, Feb 27, 2005
  8. Don Karnage

    carabelli Guest

    "Don Karnage" <> wrote...........................

    so can someone please tell me if it sounds reasonable?
    Depends, a little steep where I am at but not unreasonable. How old are you
    and what part of the country are you located.

    It's hard to say from here - I would need to see you in person, or at the
    very least some diagnostic records.

    Time for a third or fourth opinion.

    carabelli, Feb 27, 2005
  9. Don Karnage

    carabelli Guest

    Re: Fargin' Orthos' Was: Opinions requested: Hyrax/Invisalign to treat crossbite

    "W_B" <> wrote in message
    I agree, don't need to be taught - it is a innate characteristic
    I missed that class - It interfered with a tee time
    Sentenced to community service where you??
    I've seen chimpanzees do endo after watching short DVD

    carabelli, Feb 27, 2005
  10. I don't think he met up to my standards/expectations regardless of how many
    doctors I compared him to - whether it was with all the doctors in the
    country, city, or neighborhood.

    Yuto S.

    "Joel M. Eichen" <> wrote in message
    Yuto Shinagawa, Feb 27, 2005
  11. Don Karnage

    W_B Guest

    Re: Fargin' Orthos' Was: Opinions requested: Hyrax/Invisalign to treat crossbite

    On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 17:40:47 GMT, "carabelli"
    <> wrote:
    'twas a ortho porno...

    ....lame ass wire bender...



    Take out the G'RBAGE
    W_B, Feb 27, 2005
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