Not sure why all my teeth are sensitive after one filling

Aug 14, 2020
I went to the dentist for a small chip in my tooth on the upper left side and he took out the old filling and replaced it I felt my bite was off after the first adjustment it still seemed off so he adjusted it again after that adjustment everything went crazy face pain ear pain my bite felt off, he told me to wear a night guard and that it might be another tooth causing the issue but none of my teeth hurt prior to this and the tooth i had a chip in didnt even hurt before i went. I wore a over the counter night guard and after 3 days some most of the facial and ear pain stopped. but all my teeth still felt off and very sensitive especially if you tapped on them I wanted a second option on everything so i went to a different dentist who checked my bite with shim stock and that i could be suffering from tmj sent me home to take a load of motrin soft diet and warm pack 4 days later no change i called them back and he wants me to redo the filling and get a custom night guard I guess iam just baffled that one tooth could cause all my teeth to be sensitive this badly like i never in my life felt this way before after a filling usually the pain would be isolated to that tooth but all my teeth? and especially the one in front of it and the one below the one worked on also both recommend a custom guard but they differ on what the problem is



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
What you're experiencing happens too often. Teeth pain can be referred from various locations. I think you are on the right track in using a bite guard. If your pain/sensitivity doesn't improve in another week, go back and have the dentist perform tooth sleuth, probe and illumination tests for possible fractures and cold test for any pulpal problems.


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