Not sure if Im healing properly, please help!

Oct 10, 2021
I had my lower left wisdom tooth out on Wednesday. Since then the pain has been okay, sore but okay. I’ve been taking my pain meds like clockwork. The last couple of days I’ve been trying to dose down on my pain meds because I’m worried of the impact on my body. These last couple of days I’ve also been experiencing the worst pain I’ve had since extraction. The pain isn’t radiating into my temple or anything, it feels like a bad toothache in the teeth next to the extraction site. The extraction site doesn’t look bad In my opinion, it’s full of white and grey tissue and is slowly closing up. There’s no bad smell that I can notice and there’s not really any taste apart from saltiness. The pain meds get rid of the pain but when they start wearing off it’s back again.


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day
It might be a sign of a dry socket, especially if the pain is becoming more severe. Although a dry socket is usually also accompanied by a bad taste or smell, it is not to say you have to have every one of the symptoms. I would go see my dentist to make sure all is in order.


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