Not being sure which tooth is the problem

Jul 23, 2019
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Hi all

Here is my issue, I have a tooth in the upper right hand side of my jaw that I suspect is bad or has faults for the following reasons:

1. I get a. bad taste from that area
2. I never get blood from brushing but sometime if I suck hard or poke between the teeth I get bleeding it is hard to tell where the blood comes from I wonder if there could be something in the tooth some blood supply that bleeds
3. I have been to several dentists none can be confident of which is the problem except when one put something on number 7 and it was very unpleasant / sore (four or so years ago)
4. I feel I get a build of pressure in the area 6 / 7 and number 7 concerns me as there is an amalgam filling going down forming where the outer part of my tooth was and it looks to go right down and be in contact with my gum line. Is an amalgam filling in contact with the gum line some of a concern? I wonder if it could leak directly into my gum line.
5. No 4 has been route canaled and I am also uneasy about route canals based on some of the information I have read, I am tempted to have it out.
6. If I get any new filling in England what is the best material to go for these days, is there one that could go in contact with gum tissue.
7. Between 7 and 8 I can get food trapped but I try to keep it clean I can go weeks without any bleeding just sometime when using tooth pick or floss I get the issue I think it happens most after trapped food that I have missed and later go out.
8. I get no pain from the teeth.

Any thoughts will be great

Many thanks




Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
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Can't tell too much without Xrays. An amalgam in contact with gumline will give a better seal than a composite (white filling), and is to be preferred for deep cavities or cavities going below the gumline.
But the gum can only tolerate a certain amount of foreign material (filling), so you'll have to see a dentist for a fuller examination with Xrays. You can get digital copies of your Xrays and post them up here or via if you want further comment.

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