NHS Band 3 was estimated as 400 GBP (for rootcanal and white tooth). Why is it more than normal band 3 costs (282.80 GBP)?

Jul 7, 2021
Recently I have attended an appointment with one of the NHS dental practice in my area (Barking, London). The consultation cost and root canal costs was charged as 65 pounds which is Band 2 treatment.
But the dental crown costs was estimated as 400 GBP.
The doctor suggested me either silver or white tooth. I said ok for the white tooth.

I thought the band-3 cost was 282.80 GBP. Why is it charged as 400 pounds (plus 65 GBP for consultation and rootcanal). Could you please confirm?

Also, are there any mixed porcelain tooth (mix of metal and porcelain) that would be cheaper than the 400 GBP one? That is - that can be covered with the 282.80 band?


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