New crown over root canal.

Nov 4, 2021
I went to a new dentist yesterday and am questioning a few things and I wanted to get other dentists opinion. He showed me a little area on my tooth that has a root canal. Said that it looked like the crown has a little lip which can allow bacteria in. I have seen that odd looking area for years on my x-rays and a dentist has never mentioned it.When he was doing the inspection he said he could feel the lip and said I needed a new crown.

1. Is having a little lip a reason to need a new crown that is 4 years old?

2. They added buildup to my charges. Do I need buildup when replacing a crown?

3. They are giving me a metal/porcelain crown (the code says it is a noble metal crown) but they also added on a line that says zirc origin upgrade 5 year warranty for another 250.00. What is this?

Thank you!



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Could you provide the x-ray? I don't like PFMs because the porcelain layer can fracture off. I like full contour (not layered) zirconia. Buildup code D2950 can be legit but many dentists rip patients off with this code and 3rd party insurance may not cover it. When you are unsure, find another dentist many of your friends and family trust and get his/her opinion.

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