New crown gave me headaches, earache

Oct 10, 2022
I'll try to keep it short. A little backstory.

About 7 years ago I got my first crown in my life on my lower-left molar (not the last one, but the one next to it). I had no prior experience with crowns. For the next 3 days the crown had me on my knees in pain. It was horrible pain. And then for the next 12 months I always felt pressure there, and my gums were always sensitive. I didn't know if this was how it's supposed to be, so I lived with it.

Then I changed dentists, and the new dentist removed that crown. Said it was way too big. I felt such a relief immediately, I remember that vividly. And for the next few years I always went to this new dentist, and I did about 10 crowns there. All of these crowns are Cerec crowns. The same-day crowns. This was like a dental office, so I had one person do my root canals, and another one take the print for the crown, make the crown, put the crown in, and cement it. Each person did what they're trained to do. I will say that I never had a single problem there. Not a single infection, not a single bad-fitted crown, not a single anything at all. It was a beautiful thing man.

About a year ago I moved to my hometown, and I finally needed a dentist recently because my lower-right molar (not the last one, the one next to it) chipped - a piece broke off. So I looked for dentists online, and I choose one based on google reviews, and how his office looks, and how he looks, and I went there. He cleaned up a tooth and did the root canal. Eventually he took a print for the crown (using the paste method, not digitally). Eventually the crown arrived, and I went to get it put in and cemented. We agreed to leave it in uncemented for 2-3 days to see how I feel. The crown is pretty tight between the adjacent teeth, so it hasn't fallen off once, and it only wiggles a tiny tiny bit, barely noticeable.

So I come home from the office with my new uncemented crown, and within the hour my head starts hurting, then my ear starts hurting, then my jaw/neck starts hurting a little bit. The crown is in the lower-right side of my jaw, but the pain I was experiencing was on the left side of my head mostly. And this pain remained with me for the next 30 hours or so. Then for the next 30 hours it was less painful, but still it was painful and I was feeling pressure in my head. And today, 7 days later, I still don't feel perfectly. I still feel weird, like pressure in my head (entire head, not just the left side). I went for a run earlier and the crowned tooth/area was pulsating a bit after.

I'll just say, the root canal was done perfectly. No problem with that.

I went and I got an x-ray. Here it is (the crown is the big one in lower-right side):


I did get a second opinion. He looked at the crown, said it looks good, but he can't tell exactly unless I get an xray.

I got a third opinion. She looked at the crown, and the x-ray, and did the bite test with the strips. She told me that "maybe" the crown is a bit high, maybe it's a bit too large. But still nothing conclusive!

So here I am, I guess, looking for a fourth opinion. How does this all sound and look to you?

Thank you so much.


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