New composite filling: tiny discomfort chewing hard foods

Jan 21, 2017

I had a filling done last Sunday (6 days ago) - it was not a large cavity, as per my dentist. It was in one of my back molars (I think third from the back wisdom tooth).

When I chew harder foods (animal crackers, saltines, peanuts), I have a tiny 1 second discomfort (I don't think I would describe it as pain but maybe it's my pain tolerance) if the food hits the tooth the wrong way.

At first I thought the filling was too high but I cannot replicate the pain with my finger, a toothbrush or even clenching my jaw as tight as I can. I'm not feeling any sensitivity to hot/cold really, and the gum around the tooth looks fine.

What do you think could be the possible causes? Is it just that composite fillings can be sensitive for more than 6 days? I had two composite fillings done on the other side of my mouth that apparently were very deep, and those felt fine a few hours after the procedure and I never had a problem.



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