New Bridge Problems

Feb 28, 2022
I have had a bridge fitted and have had it now for one week. I am aware that I need to get used to it but there are certain aspects that bother me. Let me say it does not hurt at all but it feels enormous in my mouth. I thought that this would improve over days but it still seems like a huge alien object in my mouth. The tooth it replaces was lost about 10 years ago so I do understand that I need to get used to have a tooth there again. However, the teeth seem so big - I keep biting my tongue when I eat and sometimes when I speak. There seems to be “pressure” in the bridge which I can feel if I push it with my tongue or try to chew anything harder than cake or vegetables and also when I use Tepe brushes on teeth near it. (The bridge is the last 3 teeth on top right). I cannot chew meat at all. I can’t say it hurts but it does cause an uncomfortable sensitive feeling. As I said I knew I would have to get used to it but I did think they would feel like my own teeth but they do not, they feel like large lumps of plastic in my mouth which get in the way when I try to eat and I am constantly trying to move them out of the way. Logic tells me that an impression was taken of the teeth that were there previously so the crowns should be exactly the same size and shape. My dentist says that the bite is perfect and I can close them together without any problem but if I chew anything substantial there is discomfort. I am waiting until two weeks have passed before I return to the dentist but in the meantime would be interested to hear others experiences as at present I am not sure whether it is me and a settling in period or not. I did have an orthodontic plate when younger and I couldn’t get on with it at all, there was a similar feeling of it ring huge in my mouth so I wonder if it is just me.


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