Need some insight + advice; pronto please.

Jun 17, 2018
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Hey everybody!

I'm fairly new to these forums, infact, I just created my account a few minutes ago!
Anyhow, I've had an issue with my smile for a while now.
Now, While thankfully I do not have any crooked or broken teeth, they are very small or atleast smaller than average (for my age [F][17] ).
And the don't really show when i smile.
Like only a teeny-tiny part is visible for anybody to see.
I'd have to put on a crazy creepy smile for them to show a bit, let alone my (top) gums even peeking out, i believe i would need a tool for that.

So what i need to know is, what exactly do i need to do?
Is it a jaw/lip/mouth structural situation?
Or are my teeth the issue? / Can it be fixed with some sort of veneers or will the good old braces just do the trick?

(and please excuse my ignorance or lack of knowledge in this, because i don't know much about these stuff.)

Thanks in advance!DSC_0424.JPG




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