Need help with my Medical History Form


Apr 15, 2018
Dear dentists,
I need your help!
I have to complete my medical history and examination form in order to participate in an academic exchange program. But I'm Russian, I live in Russia, and my doctor is Russian too. So it is difficult for us to write in english some points.
There is a question in the form: "Does ...(me)... now have or have they ever had .... tooth or gum disease (periodontal disease)?". And there is a space provided to explain, if yes. Well, I had pulpitis of one tooth (left upeer 2nd molar, the pulp has been removed), and a dental caries of another one (right upper 1st molar, restored). Do I have to inicate this, and if yes, how? What should my doctor write on the paper?
Thank you for your answers!


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