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Apr 24, 2022
Dear dentist

I need one advice . Recently my Oral medicine and Radiologist friend visited my home as my anniversary party . I asked him about my oral condition. He sent me for a new CBCT scan as IOPA done by dentist shows nothing abnormal

He looked my old CBCT and NEW . Than he asked how my redness of left upper molar palatal region stayed

My first issue wa a gum boil . Than as advised of dentist I have followed antibiotics and antioxidant etc course gum boil resolved but a pimple like feeling remained there .

The old CBCT shows a perapical abseces with a small palatal cortical plate discontinuity.

Dentist extracted my molar but my gums palatal side swellon there after . As my friend says it's periodontitis at mild to moderate level in the area now

He advised proper treatment is now one more extraction of teeth 27 with existing 28,27,26 flap surgery cause according to him bacteria is still trapped inside my gum that's why I am having stomatitis there along with swelling below gum line

But dentist here kept prescribing me vitamin for last 4 months . Meanwhile I do have nasty taste coming out of the region .

Do you agree

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