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Discussion in 'Patient Forum' started by Angelique29, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Jan 22, 2019
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    Anybody have an opinion on what to do next? Here's my story:
    I've had on and off random "stinging" in the upper right quadrant. My PCD thought it may be CTS but nothing ever tested positive to any cold/hot/percussion testing etc. PA's looked fine. We added this symptom to a watch list and checked on it every routine check up but we could never duplicate the stinging I was experiencing.

    Moving forward 5 years, I move to a different city and changed PCD's. Since i moved I noticed an increase in the sensitivity but can't actually duplicate it. Express concerns but there were suspicions by the dds that this was related to my allergy issues because they as well cant create the pain and nothing shows on pa's. They thought maybe since my allergies are so bad and my sinus cavity almost looks like it overlaps with my roots that it creates this sensation when my allergies flare up? I admit they were pretty bad and I'm in treatment for it.

    This November comes around and I started feeling pain that flucuated between my ear, jaw and upper and lower quadrant but never consistent. I went to urgent care and i was advised that I have an ear infection although my ear canals looked fine and he prescibed sudafed.

    The following day, my face was swollen, and assumed it was an abscess and I wasnt comfortable with the ear infection with fine canals theory... I also found a little lump that was in the pocket of where my cheek and the top of my gums would connect (lack the term for this). I sought a second opinion with a dds that was on call due to the holiday who stated no abscess or any concerns with neighboring teeth. He also noted that I have very long roots and my sinus cavity is very low. He Suggested I go to ENT maybe but didn't look like dentistry.

    Over the course of that weekend my face swell so bad that I could see my cheek from my eye lol and had to eat/drink from a straw. I went to go check with my medical doctor because at this point I'm maxing out ibuprofen and tylenol and nobody was willing to give me antibiotics and the pain levels ed l was at as max. Doctor said I had a blocked salivary gland. He asked another doc in the office to come in and look - he also agreed. I was prescribed "finally" antibiotics and the infection went away after a few days. However, during the wait time for my ENT appointment the lump felt like it grew. Later I was put on a second round of antibiotics as the growth started to get bigger and pain was returning as I waited for my appointment with the ent.

    Finally got to the ENT who stated it couldn't be a blocked salivary gland because of the location. He also noted that it could be a sinus fracture and requested a CT scan to rule out all of the above. CT though came back fine.

    In the mean time, this little itty bitty lump started mostly in the pocket of my cheek and has grown to where it "feels"like two inches. It's becoming difficult to brush without touching it. I've consulted different professionals in different fields and nobody has a clue what it is or what to do. I'm paying for xray, visits, prescriptions etc. And I'm not getting anywhere.

    Thoughts on what to do next?
    Angelique29, Jan 22, 2019
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  2. Angelique29

    honestdoc Verified Dentist

    Jun 14, 2018
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    Could you provide an image? I'm guessing the inflammed, irritated, or blocked Stenson's duct which opens into the mouth from the parotid gland. The ENT should be aware of that. A salivary stone should be evident in the x-ray/CT scans along with any tumors, cysts, pathology. If is is not the teeth, it may be beyond a dentist's scope. You may consider a referral to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon for evaluation.
    honestdoc, Jan 22, 2019
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