My all on 8 implants was on one arch

Jun 8, 2014
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I wanted to get the all on four fitted. I was told by the dentist all on 8 would be better so I went with that.

Now the lockdown has finished I recently able to get the all on 8 fitted. I had them fitted in both the upper and lower jaw.

I assumed the all on 8 meant my upper jaw teeth/implants would be fitted in 8 individual pieces and the same for my lower jaw in that it would also be 8 individual pieces in my lower jaw.

When it came to having my implants fitted. I didn't get 16 individual pieces. All my implanted teeth for my upper jaw came as one set. It was the same for my lower teeth. All my lower teeth came as one set. I have 4 screws in my lower jaw that the teeth are screwed into and I have 4 screws in my upper jaw that the teeth are screwed into.

Did I get what I paid for? Why do they call it the all on 4 or all on 8 when it comes as one piece?


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