Mucocele(?) developed at site of minor palate surgery

Jul 29, 2014
The oral surgeon has removed a suspicious, 8mm hardish lump/blister on the line where my soft and hard palate meet. It turned out to be scar tissue, or more exactly a benign growth of cells due to mechanical injury. No cancer was found, but they've found a minor salivary gland in the excised matter.

This was a month and a week ago. Since then, I've developed something what I would call a mucocele on the site of the excision. It's small and flesh coloured but when it gets bigger it becomes transparent/pearly/semi-clear (you can see it's a fluid filled thing). It often flattens then fills itself up again.

I know mucoceles are harmless, however, there's one thing I'm worried about. It hurts when touched by food or strongly by my tongue. I thought mucoceles weren't supposed to hurt. Could you give any insight, please?


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