More pain after root canal

Aug 25, 2020
My dentist did root canals on 2 teeth and I ended up with greater pain. These had to be redone by an Endodontics doctor because of severe pain and reinfection. I was still having extreme pain when biting down and have had numerous infections. I had pain from physically bending over from my waist down, I would have pain. If I had any work done, anywhere in my mouth, the only area of my mouth that will ache is these 2 teeth and they ache terribly for a few days following any dental work. I just had an apicodectomy on both because the pain was really bad again. I had another infection and was tr. It's not a hot or cold pain. It' a pain when I bend over or when I bite down. It is best in the morning. After I eat or brush my teeth, the teeth feel raised up and moved out of place, pushed forward or backward. Please help. I've been through all the neurology testing and that has been ruled out. Suggestions? Help? Advice? Next steps?


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Jul 17, 2020
Please get a second or third opinion from other endodontist or periodontal. Something is obviously wrong. I’m so sorry you are experiencing this pain. That’s horrible!

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