Mild/moderate pain after temp crown?

Dec 23, 2016
The corner of my bottom middle molar on the right side broke off a few weeks ago. The tooth has not hurt, there have been no issues. The dentist was able to push/prod the tooth & no pain whatsoever before he worked on it.

Went to the dentist today, and he felt the sensitivity again. Said it wouldn't need a root canal.

Numbed me up, shaved it down pretty good,placed the temporary crown.

He said I could have mild to moderate pain afterwards since the nerves were still intact & told me it would be ok to take the vicodin he had prescribed me last week for a tooth extraction (last week he also gave me antibiotics, which I took religiously as prescribed).

I forgot to ask him, but how long should I expect on average to feel discomfort?

Is it normal for the crown to hurt if I accidently bite down on it since it is new & the tooth is still healing from being shaved down? It has only been a few hrs since the procedure.

No gum pain, and I took half of a vicodin & have just a slight throbbing. I accidently bit down on it (not hard) & had a very sharp pain from doing so :/

I don't know if it matters, but they were having a hard time getting the impression done; I apparently wasn't biting correctly so they had to try 2 times before getting a successful imprint.

Obviously, following a very soft diet (especially since I'm still 6 days post-op from a bottom wisdom tooth extraction on the left side).
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Jan 11, 2017
Not a professional here but,.. shaving off your natural crown was a massive trauma to your tooth. There is no sensitivity in enamel but the dentin part of the tooth has tubules and nerve endings. (Not the actual nerve, called pulp) Shaving off your natural crown must have carved into the dentin and may be sensitive for some time. I would give it 2-3 weeks for sure.

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