Mandibular Nerve

Dec 31, 2021
Over the last 2 ½ years I have been suffering with Left sided facial pain after a dental procedure. The problem started after a filling in my left molar with a local anaesthesia followed by electric sensations/ severe shooting pains across my lower left jaw, teeth, tongue and lip area. I was unable to eat or brush my teeth. The following six weeks, the dentist recleaned & re-filled the Left two molar teeth several times, at times I was jumping off the dental chair due to severe shocking painful currents, as if my whole being was hoovered by the dental suction tube. I asked for a referral to Dental Hospital but was assured that the other dentists would be doing the same. (He was an ‘award winning’ dentist, and I put my entire trust). He then performed root canal treatment on the same molar (I was undergoing IV Alendronic acid infusion and concerned about jaw necrosis). Four weeks later the root-canaled tooth was extracted, the dentist promising me that this would end my misery. With each procedure the pain was getting more unbearable. These 6 weeks, I had multiple injections sometimes even 7 local anaesthesia in one sitting for numbing.

I’m currently under the care of an Oral Health/Facial pain consultant who referred me for MRI scans, and I’ve been seen by a neurologist in 2021, ruled out trigeminal neuralgia and advised it’s Mandibular nerve injury due to dental procedures and that a surgery will not give relief.

I am on Pregablin and Oxcarbazapine three times daily. (Initially on Carbamazapine with several side effects)

I continue to suffer from severe nerve pain – every single day, several times – any time I eat.

First thing in the morning, the left side of the tongue feels tied at the back giving needle like /broken glass sensations with slight jaw/mouth/tongue movement (although I take the tablets just before bedtime and yet 4-5 hours later even a sip of water is agony lasting few minutes). Brushing my teeth triggers shooting nerve pain. Eating is a bit peculiar as initially it is extremely painful to eat, gradually easing out although not completely as the shocking pain strikes anytime.

I was wondering if anyone in this forum has experienced this?

Any professional suggestions for finding relief.

Will this pain ever go away?

Can the mandibular nerve heal by itself?

Any other therapies that may help?


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