Lower Jaw too Big, upper jaw too small, need surgery??

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by Sangu1ne, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Sangu1ne

    Sangu1ne Guest

    Dear all,

    I'm in a bind. Dunno what to do. Have already seen the orthodontist
    and am getting braces probably within a couple of months. This is in
    prep for some good ol' orthognathic surgery. Why? Well, have had this
    bite problem since I was.. hmm... 6 years old.. but never really "did"
    anything to me until now.

    Now, my teeth have an unusual (and not so good) wear pattern, seeing as
    my back three molars on both jaws are the only teeth ever actually used
    for anything (the front ones don't meet at all, can't make them meet

    My jaw has also started to lock when I yawn (and I mean I have to take
    my hands and force it to pop back into place to get my mouth to close

    Of course, there's also the ever present impression that I look like a
    bulldog (which, I can assure you has cost me more than one job
    interview when the interviewer thought I was being uhm.. "ornery" or

    Anyhow... I have met a couple of people in my life who have had jaw
    surgery, the same kind as me... with underbites who have had to have
    the lower jaw receded and so far... they've said the same thing "The
    first 6 weeks are hell. After that, it'll be the BEST thing you ever

    I've been reading some of these group posts though, and it sounds like
    a huge nightmare!

    Can someone please give me a straight, answer/opinion... or if I could
    get a whole BUNCH of answers that would be great... I need something
    more to formulate my opinion on. I've been thinking about this
    procedure since I was 12... I just want to know if there's ANY positive
    news about this at all???
    Sangu1ne, Dec 6, 2006
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