Loss of Maxilla Bone in Mouth

Nov 5, 2012
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I am a 63 y/o woman & I had my upper teeth removed in 2004 & false teeth made for me which never fit..therefore, I would never wear them. In 2006, I had gastric bypass surgery & dropped to 95#. I then had an ulcer & when the gastric dr removed that he also removed my stapled stomach! I was on a feeding tube for 6 mos. In between that time in 2008, I had a sinus lift and then 6 implants were put in on top and 5 on the bottom. In 2011, I lost 1 implant on top. This year, I lost another implant on top. I went back to the oral surgeon & he said that my maxilla bone is totally deteriorated & that the other implants on top will fall out shortly as will the bottom implants & my 7 remaining teeth! Then I went to John Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore) and their Prosthrodontist told me that he would make me a set of upper false teeth to bide me over until the upper bone is gone completely! Great!! I went back to see him in October & after he took a 3D x-ray, he told me that he was "sorry" but he WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO make me the false teeth after all as he can see the maxilla bone is just about gone! No one anywhere has been able to tell me why in the heck this has happened to me. They will not take the bone from my hip to put in my mouth as they are afraid that my other health issues will not allow me to heal properly. Thus I sit here wondering what I'll look like when I lose everything bone, implants and the rest of my own teeth when both bones in my mouth are gone! My self-esteem is just about gone. My husband doesn't understand how mortified I am in a restaurant. Trying to speak is just about impossible because without upper teeth, you are unable to form certain words. How wonderful! Anyone else in this situation, I sure hope not!


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