I've been using the LumiBrite take-home whitening system...

Nov 20, 2014

After having had my dentist obtain the custom "trays" or molds of my teeth, I began to use the LumiBrite take-home whitening system. To monitor progress, I've been applying the whitening gel only to my upper teeth, hoping to use my lower teeth as a control or reference. But after about thirty treatments averaging forty-five minutes each, I barely notice much difference in whiteness between my treated upper teeth and untreated lower teeth. My dentist said he noticed a difference (after only a few treatments), but I'm still unpersuaded.

I'm not having any sensitivity or other issues and I can afford to continue to spend on the gel, but I wonder if some people simply do not respond or if there might be another explanation. I would like to learn your thoughts.


Oct 28, 2014
One's teeth can only get as white as is their natural "white". There is a natural variation based primarily on genetics. if your natural shade is an "off" white then that is as white as you will get. Hollywood white may need other cosmetic work. assess whether or not you have attained "as white as you can get" and then make a decision based on your assessment

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